Track any flight by flight number or by departure and arrival airports with the real-time flight tracker. Flight radar provides you with informations about every aircraft and flight: free, live and with all the details you need to know. See if a flight has been delayed or cancelled and track the current position of an airplane on the map. Be up-to-date about the flight status, position, flight path and other interesting details.

Track a flight now.


Click on an airplane on the map or search a specific flight. Flight radar provides you with real-time information about the flight you are looking for: flight path, airplane speed, flight path altitude and current flight status.

Live Flight Tracker: How can I track the current status of a flight?

Flight tracking gives you the opportunity to monitor all current flights in real-time. You can track a specific commercial flight of any airline. Enter the flight number of the flight you want to track in the search field. Flight radar will show you the current status and position of the flight. Now you can monitor the airplane or track the flight until the airplane reached its landing airport.
If you don’t know the flight number you can search and track a flight by airline, airline code or entering the name of the airport in the search field.
Flight radar gives you important informations about any flight and plane up in the sky: the current position of the airplane, flight cancellations or delays, flight status, the kind of aircraft, the average travel time and the exact flight route.
You also get free information about departure statuses from major US, Canadian and international airports. Find out what’s going on at a specific airport and see which aircrafts are arriving or departing.

Track every Flight

Tracking a flight is possible on all commercial airlines worldwide. All you have to do to track a flight is entering the flight number, departing airport or airline in the search field.

The advantages of flight tracking

Flight tracking offers important information for travelers and people who want to pick up friends from the airport. Flight radar provides up-to-date informations about any commercial flights worldwide. You will never ever have to waste your time on the airport by waiting unnecessarily. Just track the flight of your friend and get informed about the current position and the actual arrival time at the airport.

Keep track of your flight

Track any flight around the world with the live flight tracker. Check the flight status for flight arrivals and departures and be always up-to-date about the current position of the airplane you are looking for. Track a flight from any airline, like American Airlines, Air Canada, JetBlue Airways, British Airways, Delta Airlines, Lufthansa, Eurowings and many more.

Track any airline with the real-time flight tracker

You can monitor commercial flights from any airline. The live flight tracker allows you to check the flight status for all common airlines in the world and gives you detailed information about flight arrivals, flight departures and the current position of any aircraft.

Look up any flight in the world and track an airplane on the map with the real time flight tracker. 

US airlines you can track

  • Allegiant Airlines flight tracking
  • Frontier Airlines flight tracking
  • Hawaiian Airlines flight tracking
  • Alaska Airlines flight tracking
  • Spirit Airlines flight tracking

Canadian Airlines you can track

  • Air Canada flight tracking
  • Jazz Aviation flight tracking
  • Air Transat flight tracking
  • Sunwing Airlines flight tracking
  • WestJet Air flight tracking

You can also track other Canadian airlines like Air Labrador, Air North, Canadian North and First Air. Just enter the airline you want to track in the search bar and start monitoring your flight.

European Airlines you can track

  • SunExpress flight tracking
  • Air France flight tracking
  • KLM flight tracking
  • Turkish Airlines flight tracking
  • Alitalia flight tracking
  • Finnair flight tracking
  • Pegasus Airlines flight tracking
  • Aeroflot flight tracking
  • Condor flight tracking
  • Vueling flight tracking
Flight Radar – Flight Tracker
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