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Track all Alaska Airlines flights live on the flight radar map. Check the current Alaska Airlines flight status and be always up-to-date about the exact flight position, flight delays, cancellations and many more useful details. Watch live air traffic and find out how many Alaska Airlines flights are up in the sky right now. Flightradar allows you to track all current Alaska Airlines flights in real time from across the US, Canada, Mexico and worldwide.

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Alaska Airlines Flight Tracker: Current Flight Position and Live Flight Status

Fetching someone from the airport? On your way to catch a flight? Flightradar shows you the current flight status of all Alaska Airlines flights and let’s you track any flight in real-time. All you need to do to track a specific flight is to click on one of the airplanes on the map or search a specific flight in the flight list. Flight radar provides you with detailed flight information and allows you to track any Alaska Airlines flight live on the map from departure till arrival. Get useful information about every Alaska Airlines flight like the live flight status, the average travel time, the current airplane position and the exact flight route.

Alaska Airlines (AS) Flight Tracker: Facts About The Airline

Hubs: Anchorage, Los Angeles, Portland, San Francisco, Seattle/Tacoma
Headquarters: SeaTac, Washington

Alaska Airlines is the fifth largest airline in the United States measured by fleet  size, scheduled passengers carried and number of destinations served. The airline is primarily focused on connection cities on the US Westcoast to more than 100 destinations in the contiguous United States, Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, Cuba and Mexico. Alaska Airlines is currently maintainig a fleet of 162 Boeing 737 aircraft, 71 Airbus A320 aircraft, 30 Bombardier Q400 aircraft and 26 Embraer 175 aircraft, which you can all track with the live flight radar.