Track any flight in real-time with Flightaware. The free flight tracker allows you to monitor global commercial flights, private and chartered flights over the US, Canada and the rest of the world. Flightaware offers you a variety of useful features, which makes the flight radar one of the leading flight tracking services. Check the current flight status, the position of any flight and get access to other navigation charts, weather maps and other handy features.

Track your flight online & for free with Flightaware.

Flightaware Flight Tracker: How it works

Flightaware allows you to track any flight in real-time on the live flight track map. You can track an aircraft by simply entering the airline and flight number in the search field. If you don’t know the flight number of the flight you are searching for, you can also track a flight by aircraft registration, airport code or city pair.

Flight Delays & Cancellations: Be informed about the current flight status of any flight

You want to pick your friend up from the airport but the plane is late? With Flightaware you can quickly find out where the plane is currently, how long it will take to arrive and what’s causing the delay. Flightaware keeps you always up-to-date about unpredicitive changes during the flight and let’s you easily track any flight in the US, Canada and the rest of the world.

Flightaware Flight Tracker: Detailed Flight Information

Flightaware gives you the opportunity to track flights in real-time and provides you with comprehensive information on air traffic movements around the world, the current height and speed of the airplane and exact coordinates. The Flightaware fight radar is the most significant flight tracker, which informs you about the current flight status of any flight within seconds. If you click on an airplane on the flight radar map you will receive detailed information about the airline operating the flight, the status of the aircraft, time of departure and arrival, a map with the exact flight path, airports of departure and landing, the time and distance that is left and many more interesting facts about the flight.

You can track any flight on the Flightaware website or by using the app. Flightaware offers a free flight tracking / flight status app for iOS and Android.

The easiest way to use the Flightaware flight tracker is to visit the website as a guest, which does not require prior registration. The functionality of the flight radar is limited when you track flights on the site as a guest. If you register you can use more options – like tracking flights for the airline, city as well as receive a certain amount of archived flight data.

About Flightaware

Flightaware is a global aviation software and data services company which was founded in 2005. It all began with the idea of CEO Daniel Baker to create a free flight tracking service as he wanted that his family can track his private flights around the world. Together with his friends Karl Lehenbauer and David McNett he created the free public flight tracking service Flightaware, which is now of the largest flight tracking websites. The company provides currently more than 10,000 airplane operators, service companies as well as over 12,000,000 passengers with real-time flight information and the current flight status of any flight.