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Keep up to date about the current flight status and track every Saudia flight live with the free online flight radar. Follow a flight in real time, watch the flight route and obtain many useful details about your flight. With just one click you can track every Saudia aircraft around the world. Flight tracking allows you to watch the current air traffic and track a Saudia flight from departure to arrival.

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Track every Saudia flight live on the map

There are many Saudia aircraft in the sky right now. And every single one of this airplanes can be tracked live. All you have to do is to hit the start button and click on one of the aircraft displayed on the flight radar map.  By clicking on an aircraft, you can see the flight number, the live flight position, the departure and arrival time and many more interesting details. Find out all what you need to know about your selected Saudia flight and follow every flight in real time.
Receive the latest updates about every Saudia flight and keep up to date with the Saudia Airlines flight status.

Zoom out on the map to watch the air traffic around the globe or zoom in to see how many aircraft are above your city or your country. Navigate on the flight radar map and click on any aircraft to track it until arrival. View the flight path, see what type of aircraft it is and find out from which airport the airplane is coming and where it is heading to. The free online flight tracker works accurately and provides you with real-time flight information.

Real time Saudia Flight Tracker: Follow every aircraft

With flight radar you can track every Saudia flight for free. It is the easiest way to track flights from any device and with accurate flight details. Receive information on aircraft, flight routes, departure and arrival times and many other details related to flights. Flight radar allows you to receive information on Saudia flight traffic live. The Radarbox flight tracker makes it possible to see all flight information and let you monitor any passenger aircraft or Cargo plane. Just choose an aircraft on the map and find out the flight status, flight number, flight hours and many more interesting details. With flight radar you can track your Saudia flight till arrival and see the current aircraft position.

Saudia Flight Radar: Ramadan and Hajj Flight tracking

During Ramadan and Hajj there is a huge air traffic. With flight radar you can track every Saudia flight during Ramadan and Hajj or watch the current air traffic. Flights from everywhere around the world are heading towards Saudia Arabia and each of this flights can be tracked live on the map.
Is a friend or relative going to Hajj? Track the flight in real-time and receive interesting flight details. Just click on the map above and start tracking any current Saudia aircraft.

Saudia (SV)

Headquarters: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Saudia is the flag carrier of Saudi Arabia with its primary hub at King Abdulaziz International Airport in Jeddah. The airline operates domestic and international scheduled flights to over 100 destinations in the Middle East, North America, Europe, Africa and Asia. During Ramadan and Jajj Saudia operates most domestic and international flights.

Saudia Flights Umrah: How to apply for Umrah permit

Saudia offers many flights for Umrah. The Umrah Permits can be issued thru the website of Saudia if the flight goes to Jeddah or Taif.
For the Umrah application a ticket on eligible Saudia flights need to be issued first. The applicant’s eligibility check is solely conducted by the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah. If you want to apply make sure that the same mobile number is used which is linked to your Tawakkalna or Eatmarna account. Once the Umrah permit process is completet you will receive a permit number. This number can be displayed thru the Tawakkalna or Eatmarna app. You will also receive an SMS which contains your permit details.

The requirements for Hajj can be checked on the website of the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah.
Saudia offers many packages for your Umrah journey with hotel and flight included. The newest Umrah deals and packages can be found on the Saudia website.